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År Månad
(2020-06-18 10:55)
(2018-04-25 15:35)
(2017-04-16 11:22)
We are happy to announce that the Scandinavian Free Flight week in June - July will take place.
(2016-07-06 14:28)
The Scandinavian Free Flight week 2016 is over, the results and some pictures you can see below.
(2014-07-02 10:52)
Now the results from Scandinavian Free Flight week 2014 is updated!
(2012-07-10 13:24)
Here you can see the article from Kristianstadbladet from the Scandinavian Free Flight Week !
(2012-07-10 10:43)
Now the results from Danish Cup and Norwegian Cup is updated!
(2012-07-06 14:09)
Now the results from Swedish Cup 2012 !
(2011-09-06 11:22)
Now the Results are publiced from the weekend in Rinkaby!
(2011-08-02 16:34)
For the Swedish Cup 2011 we needed to have a nice color for the "Tube".. so the color is... pink! We hope to get more girls for this contest as we have hade the years before.
(2010-07-08 10:51)
Now you can se the results and pictures from Free Flight Weekend 2010!
(2010-06-03 11:01)
We have now NEW information from the military where we stay during the Swedish Cup. We are allowed to use the barracks already from Thursday night, but only the barracks!
(2010-02-01 15:59)
Now it is time to register for Small Swedish Cup, The Swedish Glider Cup, Swedish Cup and Nordic Cup!
(2009-07-13 11:00)
Now you can se the results and pictures from Swedish Cup 2009!



If you intend to participate please send an e-mail to: hellgren.robert(a)telia.com with name, FAI-license number, discipline(s) and country.

You can also register for Danish Cup, Norwegian Cup and Small Swedish Cup at the the same time!

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