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Introduction of the Norberg FC, MFS in English

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Team Norberg
Norbergs Flygklubb, European Free Flight Aeromodelling Championships 2008
(Per Findahl-F1A, Oskar Findahl-F1B, Robert Hellgren-F1A & Bror Eimar-F1B)


Welcome to the Norberg Flying Club, Model Flying Section


Aeromodelling started in Norberg in January 1950, as the aeromodelling club "Örnen" (the Eagle).


The club got famous for the annual free flight competition flown on a frozen lake. The name of the competition was "Norbergsträffen" (the Norberg Meeting). In the beginning of 1970   the full scale flyers  started the club "Falken" (the Hawk). Also the modellers used that name for  some years, but changed it  to Norberg Flying Club, since another club in the south of Sweden also used the name "Falken". The modellers now formed a section of the Norberg Flying Club and it is still like that today.


The Norberg Flying Club is the most active club in the area, and flyers from a greater area have joined the club.


Due to the success the club has had in Free Flight over the years, we brag about that we are the Norberg Flying Club, "The Gold Club"!


Winter flying on frozen lakes has always been the number one option in the Norberg area. The reason is lack of suitable flying fields. The local full scale flying field is limited to flying perhaps 30 seconds under normal wind conditions.


More information on how to use such a small field for physical and flight training (mostly F1A) is given in an article by Per Findahl found on this web site under: Teori, Teknik & Träning / Förberedelser inför mästerskap, Till artikeln.


Norberg FC has been running two annual summer contests for some years on fields in other parts of Sweden. The oldest of those contests in flown on Öland, the long narrow island outside the south east cost of Sweden The field we use here is about  5 x 9 km. The other field is a farming field near Kumla that we are allowed to use for a short after harvest period in September.

Team Norberg

Here we introduce Team Norbergs members.


Norbergs Flygklubb has Swedens most qualify and active members. This is the result for Norbergs Flygklubb in the Championship and World Cup:

3. World Championship-Gold

1. World Championship-Silver

1. World Championship-Bronze

1. European Championship-Gold

4. European Championship-Silver

20. Swedish Championship-Gold

5. Total World Cup Gold

49. World Cup Gold

32. World Cup Silver

30. World Cup Bronze

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Norbergs Flygklubbs samarbetspartners:




Norbergs FK - Flygsport
C/O L.G Söderlind, Stigaregatan 10
73834 Norberg

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