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Bear Cup 2008

13 MAR 2008 22:21
Årets första World Cup tävling för Norbergarna slutade rätt kvickt. Det gick endast att genomföra två perioder innan man var tvungen att blåsa av tävlingen. Per Findahl och Robert Hellgren flög båda fullt i klass F1A! Oskar Findahl och Bror Eimar tappade båda tid under tävlingen.
  • Skapad: 13 MAR 2008 22:21

Resultat från Bear Cup 2008


Bad luck with the weather - the contest was truncated to two rounds.

It was a long walk to the middle of the lake, as this winter has been
unusually warm, and the ice was only 20cm thick. Quite plenty to walk on,
but not safe to drive a car. There was a couple of cm's heavy, wet snow on
the ice, so conditions were good, not slippery.

We started on Saturday as scheduled, in 6 to 7 m/s winds and under heavy
overcast skies. Halfway to the second round, it started snowing and
wisibility was lost, so the contest was halted. After 4 hours of waiting,
flying was resumed, but again 30 minutes into the third round a fog raised
quite suddenly, and again the contest was stopped. We tried to resume on
Sunday morning, but now the wind had picked up to 10+ m/s, and as the
forecast was for similar winds and rain starting at noon (thus again poor
visibility), the contest had to be aborted. Of course now on Monday, as I
write this, the sun is shining outside, and the winds are light
to moderate...

With only two rounds flown and no possibilities for a fly-off, we had 47
tied winners. 31 in F1A, 9 in F1B, 3 in both F1C and F1A junior.

The F1AJ-15 is a national class for juniors of age 15 and under. There are
no limits to the glider, except that bunting is not allowed.
Skribent: Robert Hellgren


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