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MooseCup and BearCup is CANCELED 2014

10 MAR 2014 08:41
Today our team was checking ice conditions in Säkylä. ICE thickness was between 20 to 25 cm,steel ice. But no snow , dry surface very slippery. Crack in middle of the lake was widely open , see the pictures. Also holes for fishing started to grow. In next two weeks the weather forecast indicates warm temperatures , 0 to +8 deg celsius.
  • Uppdaterad: 10 MAR 2014 08:53

After all we decided to CANCEL MooseCup and BearCup 2014.
We are sorry making this decision, but this is the situation that is a result of the very warm and short winter.
After seeking spare places with 400-500 km distance, we couldn´t find any place with safe ICE and enough place for accomodation.
Hope this doesnt cost too much money for people who already booked flightickets ect. We hope you understand that the safety has to come first in a case like this.

See you next year : Jari Valo & Per Findahl
Per Findahls foto.  
Per Findahls foto.
Skribent: Robert Hellgren
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