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7 september 2019 08:43 av Essen Ikan Tawes

Teknik Jitu Mancing Ikan Tawes Di Sungai

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6 september 2019 13:15 av FSSAI license offices in Ahmedabd

Top 5 FSSAI license offices in Ahmedabad

FSSAI license office in Ahmedabad| The FSSAI license, also known as the Food License is one of the most important licenses required to open a restaurant and is obtained from the FSSAI Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. Read on to find what licenses are required to start a restaurant in India, the cost of those licenses and how to get the restaurant license in India. You are required to obtain a legal permit which is the signage license. You can obtain this license from local civil auth

6 september 2019 11:47 av ISO certification consultant in Ahmedabad

ISO certification consultancy

ISOcertification-ahmedabad provides ISO certification consulting, system awareness training and implementation services to various organizations of different nature and size. We always try to exceed the expectations of our valuable clients with our value-added services in all areas of ISO and management consultancy.

6 september 2019 09:40 av Gujarat shops open for 24 hours license

Gujarat shops open for 24 hours license

‘The Gujarat Shops and Establishment Amendment Act’ is implemented in Gujarat from May 1. In this Act, all shops and restaurants on national and state highways, hotels will be allowed to remain open for 24 Hours in municipal corporation areas. Under the new change, they must register their Food Business and get the FSSAI license. FSSAI is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety. Operating a Food Business without a license is a

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6 september 2019 08:59 av Gujarat Shops open 24 Hours Fssai License


We are the Fssai License Consultant in Gujarat and provide License service in All over India. Hurry Up; Get the license in 1 Day with the affordable Cost. Good News for All Gujarat Food Operators now they can run their Business 24 Hours legally. Grab this opportunity and grow your financial graph with the help of Fssai License. All shops and restaurants on national and state highways, hotels will be allowed to remain open for 24 Hours in municipal corporation areas. Operating a Food Business wit

6 september 2019 07:43 av Amara


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6 september 2019 07:32 av Krazy mantra KPO services

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