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26 april 2019 10:38 av parmjikhil jose


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26 april 2019 09:09 av vanee


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24 april 2019 14:02 av Fssai online registration in Ahmedabad


Procedure for fssai online registration in Ahmedabad for check eligibility. And the select type of fssai registration and license. Fssai license and registration system and for the apply online license in Ahmedabad. Fssai food license registration from an fssai-ahmedabad website. The government may send back your application for edits – if you fail to respond with 15 days of the application, then your application will be rejected. For Basic Registration: 3-7 working days For State and central F

23 april 2019 11:54 av vanee


Boil the dried Indian gooseberries in coconut oil till the oil turns black.
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23 april 2019 08:37 av Gujarat Apply online fssai license office in Ahmedabad


Online fssai license office in food activities are required to apply for food license of different types based on turnover, the scale of business and the type of activity. Apply for either of the Fssai licenses central or state. FSSAI Registration forms on fssai-ahmedabad Website and submits documents online through mail or WhatsApp. We will file the FSSAI application with the government authorities. Digital and hard copy of your fssai license will be delivered to the address you provided in Ahm

22 april 2019 07:54 av Fssai License Consultant in Ahmedabad


Fssai License Consultant is recognized as one of the best Food Business Management consulting firms in Ahmedabad Food Industries. We provide consulting services to organizations looking to improve, food safety Measures, Fssai License, We offer perspective, guidance, and solutions on Achieve Following FSSAI License Consultant in Ahmedabad. Our mission is to provide consultation services that offer you the tools to promote food safety, food quality, Manufacturing, Repacking, Warehouse, Distributio


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